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within my mind’s eye

Have you ever thought about heaven?  Your own personal sanctuary, free from any troubles, stress, and negativity?  A perfect place that fills you with an overwhelming sense of happiness and tranquility?  I haven’t either, until today while I was under hypnosis. 

There it was, sitting dormant in my mind my entire life, patiently waiting for me and just like a buried treasure, I found it today. 

I’ll paint you a picture of my minds happy place…

Inside of a large orange and white marbled (mountain like) rock formation lies a hollowed out secret cavern.  On ground level I see rich blue water glissening by a bit of golden sunshine coming in from the natural sky light carved out 100ft above me.  There is also an arched entry way and when I look out of it I see a perfect blue sky and cotton clouds.  Surrounding the water is an embankment similar to a sandy beach but with colorful earth-tone pebbles that feel soothing on my feet. 

I hear a soft crash of water as the wind blows freely across the exterior of this place.  As the wind travels inside the entrance I feel cold for a moment, followed by a comforting heat of a bonfire behind me.  The feeling of security consumes my mind.  Within my place of happiness, I don’t visibly see my friends dancing, however I picture them twirling around in colorful free flowing wraps and I hear them laughing and singing around the fire.  They are just as happy as I am.  Despite the temperature of the air outside the water being a bit chilly, I can sense that the water is warm because the pool lies exactly where the sun beams down.  So I take a dive and swim about this incredibly peaceful place.  Beneath the surface of the water I feel sweet colorful fish fluttering around my body. 

Within this place, I am without a care in the world.  And then I woke up.  Content with reality and longing to go back to my heaven and seek more. 

Today, I wish it would just pour, rain down on me.  Thunder and lightning fill the the sky and water would flood the streets and fill my shoes.  Then I’d just stand there.  Alone.  With my eyes closed, my arms open.

Soul searching and finding ways to live a simpler life has proven to be much more challenging than I had anticipated.  Life isn’t easy, especially mine these days.  I’m still making leaps and one day I know I will find a solid rock to land on.  Until then, is the part that scares me.  Yet, I continue to move forward.  I have to…

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